Current reading

So I’m kicking off this blog with a post about what I am currently reading before typing up any fully-fledged reviews. I may not necessarily review all of these books, but such is life.

Green by Jay Lake

I am about three quarters of the way through this book, and I anticipate a sleepless night tonight finishing it off. Set in a richly described but somewhat elusive fantasy world bordering on science fiction (the border between these two genres confuses me, so any advice on telling the difference would be appreciated), this is the story of a girl sold into slavery at a young age who stubbornly refuses to be bent to the will of captors determined to mould her into the perfect courtesan. It is told in a reflective first person style; this is advantageous in giving the author many chances at careful foreshadowing and creates a beautiful style that mimics the oral tradition of storytelling, but also builds a level of separation between the reader and the main character’s emotions and responses that at times seems awkward. However, having fallen completely in love with the strong-willed protagonist very quickly, I find the occasional awkwardness easily forgivable.

Overall, I am finding it both gripping and enjoyable, and intend to write more once I have finished it.

Britain BC by Francis Pryor

An archaeology book that I am reading as research for my own novel, it is written in an enjoyably understandable style and does basically what it says on the packet. A fascinating slice of life in Britain before the Romans, complete with detailed descriptions of various digs, explanations of the findings and numerous illustrations and photographs. I am probably going to have to renew my loan of it at the library again.

Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake

I have been slowly reading this book for about a year, and have a tendency to read it with my grandfather’s dictionary close at hand. The gorgeously dense language, complex characters, relationships and strange rituals are all part of what drew me to this book, but also make it quite hard work, which is why I have been reading it for so long. I do not expect to finish it anytime soon, but I do look forward to getting back into this book when I have time.


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