Blood and Oil by Adrian Mitchell-something different

This is not a review.

I love Adrian Mitchell as a poet-I find his writing fascinating and his ability to write fluently about so many different aspects of life is something that I admire. I quite often just pick up his books and flick through them reading poems at random. I was doing this the other day, and I had been doing a lot of singing earlier and was thinking about poetry as something to be spoken rather than read. I came across this particular poem (Blood and Oil) and abruptly decided that I was going to arrange it as an acappella song.

So I got out my laptop, found garageband and got on with it. I don’t have a microphone so the quality is a bit dodgy, and I although I do a lot of singing and playing music I have never tried something like this before. Therefore naturally I have decided to post a link to the track on my blog.

There it is. I do hope you enjoy it-I think it came out alright and I am now very interested in turning poems into songs. Even if just for my own pleasure. Feedback is welcome as always.

It should be noted that all the words belong to Adrian Mitchell and I am not claiming ownership of his poem, nor intending to make any money from it. All I claim is the tune and the arrangement.



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