Female Fantasy Fan: Twilight

POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of emotional abuse.

So… I’m going to put my hands in the air right now and say that I have read all the Twilight books. Mainly out of curiosity. And yes, there were some great things about them: Stephenie Meyer is an excellent world builder even if I detest her interpretation of vampire myths, and many of her background characters have absolutely fantastic characterisation and back story (Leah, once you get to know her, is pretty awesome, as is Rosalie).

But I’ve never been able to stomach Edward and Bella’s relationship; I think that if someone steals the snow protector things for the tyres on your car to prevent you from seeing a friend, it’s time to get out fast. This issue of FFF is born out of my internal conflict whereby I think it’s really sad that teenagers reading these books might be under the impression that Bella and Edward have an ideal relationship, but I also don’t want to look like a total loony in public when I start lecturing…

Female Fantasy Fan Twilight

(I got the “17 out of 21” stat from this link to a list of signs of emotional abuse, and counted out all the ones that I remember happening in the Twilight series – I did it from memory, so it might not be totally accurate).

I’ll do something that’s less of a downer next time…

All art and text © Meredith Debonnaire 2014, please do not reproduce.


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