Speedy Little Update


Despite appearances I am in fact alive… Here’s a little snapshot of what I’m up to:

Reading: Once Upon a Time; a short history of fairytales by Marina Warner (I keep making pencil notes in the margins); Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce (old favourite).

Designing: a new background woman for the FFF series (needs scanning and colour).

Digesting: A critique of the first 25 pages of my novel, professionally done, and by which I am more than a little scared though also very grateful for.

Struggling to find time to: listen to my audiobook of Pumpkin Teeth by Tom Cardamone (I’m really looking forward to when I eventually manage this).

Dealing with: February lurgy!

Writing: short stories involving giants…

Editing: my novel – I think this is an eternal job…

Pondering upon: the mystery of bra sizes…. Seriously, do they make sense to anyone?


And that’s me – I’ll be back soon with some more substantial stuffage.




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