Tales From Tantamount: A Postcard from a Town. Number One


Tantamount appears to have gone on holiday. It will send you postcards at irregular intervals until it returns, probably in September.

Postcard one: image displays a pleasant landscape, complete with a family of skeletons dressed in Georgian clothing and bearing double-headed axes. They have a skeleton dog, and what appears to be a skeletal parakeet. A strange stone with scratchy markings was attached. The postcard reads: Dear Citi/Denizen. It has come to our attention that you were not with us when we left for holiday, and you are now loitering in the terrible fogs of limbo, or possibly the Job Centre (we conflated the two in the Year of the Yellow-Eyed Newt in order to save space). Do not despair. Tantamount has every intention of returning to collect you, once we have enjoyed our holiday. We are currently having a lovely time at the beach. There has only been one Kraken, and after we introduced the Eldritch Terror they got along well. Perhaps too well. Remember that we do care about you deeply, just not enough to cut our holiday short. We have sellotaped a rune of healing to this postcard – we hope it helps!

Best wishes,

Tantamount District Council

I’m not actually on holiday, I’m training for a new job. But I sent Tantamount on holiday just for fun 🙂

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