Tales From Tantamount: A Postcard from a Town. Number Two

KEEP CALM AND CARRION – further correspondence from the wandering town of Tantamount, which is having a better holiday than us, the bastard.

Postcard two: image shows a pair of goats frolicking around a fire. One of the goats is playing a violin, while the other simply dances. The fire is surrounded by trees on all sides, in which there are mildly disturbing shadows. The smoke from the fire is forming odd sigils, and in the foreground are a pair of turquoise converse. Attached to the postcard is a red grape in a silk bag.
Dear Citi/Denizen,
Well, what an exciting week! This week we did wine tasting in a cave filled with the mummified remains of unhappy vampires, and paddled in the sea with our collective trousers rolled up. The Carrion took rather a lot of beachgoers, who have been lying in the sand suffering Spiritual Dislocation and other things ever since. We have named the Kraken Janice. There is a tram system running, and it irritates our buildings. Teenagers keep leaving rubbish in our streets, so we have eaten them. We hope Limbo proceeds well – we have sent you one of the grapes from the vineyards to keep you going. Do be wary of hallucinogenic properties and sudden Poetry.


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