Meredith Debonnaire Welcome to my blog.

I am a young and now-published writer (IT HAPPENED!), supposedly editing my first novel (it’s actually hidden in a box, and I am distracting myself with lots of short stories).  You can buy my first properly published work by clicking on the icon to the right: it has a heroine, a poltergeist, the end of the world (maybe) and MAGIC! It will cost you about £1.50 (or $1.99), and comes as a lovely eBook.

I am an unrepentant bibliobibuli, and the reviews posted here are only a fraction of what I read. I use this site primarily to write book reviews, although other stuff also happens. I am training to be a hermit, and sometimes vanish for a long long time into the depths of my brain and only emerge months later. There is an 80% chance that I am talking total bollocks, but I’m afraid I can’t say for certain. I like (among other things) fantasy, sci-fi, humour and fairytales. I hope you enjoy my bloggle!


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