Meredith Debonnaire Welcome to my blog.

I am a young and now published writer, supposedly editing my first novel (it’s actually hidden in a box, and I am distracting myself with lots of short stories).  You can buy my first properly published work by clicking on the icon to the right: it has a heroine, a poltergeist, the end of the world (maybe) and MAGIC! It will cost you about £1.50, and comes as a lovely eBook.

I am also an unrepentant bibliobibuli, and the reviews posted here are only a fraction of what I read. I use this site primarily to write book reviews, although other stuff also happens. I am training to be a hermit, and sometimes vanish for a long long time into the depths of my brain and only emerge months later. There is also an 80% chance that I am talking total bollocks, but I’m afraid I can’t say for certain. I like fantasy, sci-fi, humour and fairytales.


Idols and inspirations

I am currently completely enamoured of Kate Tempest, a passionate performance poet who absolutely fills me with joy. I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of Diane di Prima and Allen Ginsberg, fallen in and out and back in love with Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon series and let my mind vanish into the art of Alan Lee and Brian Froud.

Mervyn Peake’s Titus Groan had an enormous effect on the kind of fantasy that I wanted to write, as did Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, although more recently I have been influenced by Lauren Beukes, Ann Leckie and Buchi Emecheta. I have a terrible weakness for anything Joss Whedon, and am probably more influenced by his work than I would really like to admit, especially Firefly. Terry Pratchett is an enduring love of mine, and I’m slowly getting into Diana Wynne Jones. Recently I’ve inherited a lot of Doris Lessing, which I have not yet read – I’m looking forward to it though…

Long term Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman fan.

Western Woman-performance poetry

This is me at Neutral Norway Poetry Collective’s open mic quite a while ago-I had just shaved my head that day, and then realised that I was reading an angry feminist poem at the open mic later… Most of my poetry is much more fantastical.

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