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Fantastic blog piece from Nimue Brown – I really enjoyed this post, so many layers to it.

Advice for heroines There comes a point, usually rather late in the story, where saving the man from the patriarchy may look like a job with your name on it. At this point, the odds are he’ll be blaming a woman and not the system for what’s happened to him. It is his mother’s fault […]

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The Grand Return, plus sketchdump

Hello! Today was going to be my day of coming back after being ill, chatting about the upcoming reviews and books I’ve been reading and stuff I’ve been writing and books that I’m looking forward to reading.

Instead, everything is insane.

So, I give to you this sketchdump of foolish fantasy stuff that I did while hanging out at my friends’ house being not-quite-ill anymore. Enjoy it, have a giggle, don’t take it too seriously. Maybe it will cheer you up a bit. Click on the images to view them big. The normal reviewing stuff will be back shortly.


Artwork for ‘The Life and Times of Angel Evans’

So, you may have noticed from my repeated posting on this blog that I have been published! Apart from the total excitement of having my work picked up by the lovely BookSmugglers (who are fantastic to work with) and being paid for writing, one of the truly wonderful things about this was seeing Jenna Whyte’s fantastic cover art for The Life and Times of Angel Evans. In fact, I was so in love with it that I bought the original, and had it framed. This is me, having just got the original back after getting it framed, feeling very pleased indeed. Big shoutout to Jenna, who is a fantastic artist and who really captured the essence of Angel Evans – find out more about the artist here.

If you want to buy The Life and Times of Angel Evans, you can do that by clicking on the icon to the right. It’s about £1.50. If you can’t afford that, it is available for free on the BookSmugglers website.

Note: I just realised I am wearing the same jumper in these photos that I was wearing when I met Ana and Thea – what a coincidence!

A Smugglerific Cover: The Life and Times of Angel Evans by Meredith Debonnaire — The Book Smugglers

It has arrived! Behold, the beautiful cover of The Life and Times of Angel Evans. Isn’t the art incredible? I know I love it. You can buy the ebook today, or wait until it’s available for free on the BookSmugglers website (which will be on the 13th Sept). I hope you enjoy this short story – in case you’re wondering it involves a) a heroine b) a friendly poltergeist c) some dead prophets d) MAGIC!

In which we reveal the cover for The Life and Times of Angel Evans by Meredith Debonnaire! Today we are thrilled to share with you the final cover for Book Smugglers Publishing’s Superhero season of short stories. Without further ado, BEHOLD! The smugglerific cover! About the Story Doctor Who meets Good Omens in this new…

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Female Fantasy Fan: Haters

Wow, I have not done one of these for ages… This is a new background people, let me know what you think. She’s supposed to be resting her chin on a pile of books – not sure how well I conveyed that.

Female Fantasy Fan HatersAll art and text © Meredith Debonnaire 2015.

Female Fantasy Fan: Twilight

POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of emotional abuse.

So… I’m going to put my hands in the air right now and say that I have read all the Twilight books. Mainly out of curiosity. And yes, there were some great things about them: Stephenie Meyer is an excellent world builder even if I detest her interpretation of vampire myths, and many of her background characters have absolutely fantastic characterisation and back story (Leah, once you get to know her, is pretty awesome, as is Rosalie).

But I’ve never been able to stomach Edward and Bella’s relationship; I think that if someone steals the snow protector things for the tyres on your car to prevent you from seeing a friend, it’s time to get out fast. This issue of FFF is born out of my internal conflict whereby I think it’s really sad that teenagers reading these books might be under the impression that Bella and Edward have an ideal relationship, but I also don’t want to look like a total loony in public when I start lecturing…

Female Fantasy Fan Twilight

(I got the “17 out of 21” stat from this link to a list of signs of emotional abuse, and counted out all the ones that I remember happening in the Twilight series – I did it from memory, so it might not be totally accurate).

I’ll do something that’s less of a downer next time…

All art and text © Meredith Debonnaire 2014, please do not reproduce.

Female Fantasy Fan: Supernatural Erotica

I suppose you’ve all heard the story about the bookshop where they relabelled “Supernatural Erotica” as “Fangbangers”?

Here is the next FFF, for your delight and delectation.

Female Fantasy Fan Supernatural EroticaThe design for this one was harder – I think I wasn’t so good at picking colours this time. However, I’m still quite happy with it.

Art and text © Meredith Debonnaire, 2014. Please do not reproduce.

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