This page does what it says on the tin – a list of things of mine that have been published. Currently, it is a short list. Hopefully it will get longer 🙂

This page used to be a list of the original work on my blog – that list is still available at the bottom of the page.

The Life and Times of Angel Evans

Published by the Book Smugglers

The Life and Times of Angel Evans

Cover art by Jenna Whyte

Doctor Who meets Good Omens in this new short story from Book Smugglers Publishing.

When Angel Evans was born into her world, the event was beset with a troubling number of prophecies. Her magical future was so portentous that all of the prophets couldn’t cope with the knowledge of what was to come, and either died or were never heard from again.

Decades later, magical prodigy Angel Evans has traversed (and saved) several worlds. She has lived, loved, and seen more devastation than one person should be able to handle.

The Life and Times of Angel Evans is a story of prophetic burden, destiny fulfilled, and the choices that one young woman has to make in order to survive.

Buy directly from the publishers here – you will receive an epub and/or mobi file. Also available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble OR YOU CAN READ IT FOR FREE ON THE BOOKSMUGGLERS BLOG. Please do buy it if you can afford it (it’s quite cheap, and it will support the booksmugglers and me), but if you can’t afford it, you can still read it 😀

Read about it on Goodreads.

“This one’s heartbreaking, but it’s sweet and funny and ultimately uplifting at the same time. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” From a review by Over The Effing Rainbow

Mini review on by Liz Bourke.


Other bits and pieces from the bloglet.

Short Story-The Plants

Blood and Oil by Adrian Mitchell, arranged and sung by myself.

Nightfall-an original comic

After Kate Tempest-poem

On Female Emancipation

Something new…


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