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I offer proofreading services at competitive rates. I have completed a Basic Proofreading V4 Distance Learning Course with the PQB (a subsidiary of the PTC) and achieved a merit, and have proofread a significant amount of copy including four full novels, some more technical MS (while contracted for Hawthorn Press Ltd), and a lot of leaflets, catalogues, and advert copy. I have three years of experience proofreading.

I charge £15-£25.00per hour on a sliding scale basis, so talk to me about what you can afford. If you have a small job, I would charge the hour rate as a minimum. For reference, the SfEP recommends proofreaders charge £25.00per hour, which is what I’m basing my fees on.

“As an independent author working on my first trilogy, finding a proofreader that I could trust was essential. Meredith has delivered exactly what I was looking for – correcting my punctuation and phrasing in order to make my work more readable. She also gave attention to the plot and flow of my books, making some useful suggestions which have helped me tremendously” – Fiona J Ward.

For clarity, proofreading may consist of:

  • Checking the text for grammar, spelling, and sense (is the text understandable).
  • Check for technical continuity, for example, there were four of an object mentioned, and now there are five.
  • Check for punctuation – missing brackets, dialogue markers, etcetera.
  • Depending on what stage your text is at, you may also want me to check things like running headers, page numbers, contents, illustration captions, and footnotes.
  • Proofreading should always be done on the text when it is as near to finalised as possible.

The aim of proofreading is to do the best possible job with the least possible intervention. When taking on a job, I would always discuss exactly what you want me to proofread for. I do not have training in editing, but have done editing in a professional context before. Currently it is not something that I am offering here.

If you are interested in working with me, you can contact me with the form below. I can put together an overall quote for you based on a wordcount, pagecount, a sample of the work, and a list of what you want from the proofread (for example: check for grammar, spelling, sense, punctuation, and running headers). Please note the quote will be an estimation, and will assume that your manuscript is in good shape. I usually work in Word using track changes, and will return your work as both a Word doc and a PDF.

I reserve the right to refuse jobs for any reason.

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