WHEN THE LETTER COMES by Sara Fox — The Book Smugglers

Just a quick little re-post to recommend this story – it’s a lovely take on the “waiting for the magic letter” fantasy tale. Trans main character, and overall very interesting.

When the Letter Comes by Sara FoxPublished 5/22/2017 Henry believes that someday, something awesome will happen–everything will turn out all right and all her problems will disappear once her letter arrives, welcoming her to magic school. So even though puberty is already here with changes (like her voice deepening and hair growing in places she…

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Book Review: Avi Cantor Has Six Months To Live by Sacha Lamb

Avi Cantor has six months to live by Sacha Lamb

Avi Cantor has six months to live.

So I finally got around to reading this short story, from the Booksmugglers, and it was absolutely wonderful. Just, heartwarming and gorgeous on all the right levels. Trans boys in love! Demons! Magic! Maybe a curse! Idiot school kids, interesting family dynamics, and a wonderfully growly protagonist. I really enjoyed the style, and I found Avi Cantor’s internal dialogue fascinating and relateable. If you are looking for a snuggly, feelsy story with trans characters, I recommend this. The tone hits just the right note between angry and touching, and felt very accurate to the age that was being written. Oh and it was funny. Did I mention it was funny? It’s funny, in a slightly sharp way.

It’s just really really good, and you shall all have to put up with my slightly lazy reviewing today (I’ve just had lurgy, and have only just wrested control of my brain back from the headcold). You can buy this as an ebook or read it for free on the Booksmugglers website here.

Rating: Read this story, light candles at the crossroads.

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Book Review: Mother of the Sea by Zetta Elliott

Mother of the Sea, Zetta Elliott, art by Christina Myrvold, image shows black woman holding a child surrounded by ocean

When the skinless men leave, the taste of salt lingers on her lips.

So this is a tiny book – forty-six pages in fact. And it kicked its way through my ribs, grabbed my heart and held. Mother of the Sea is not a history book, (I’d say fantasy/speculative fiction probably) but it is set in one of those places during history that my (school) education never adequately reached, and that is the slave trade.

It’s a story about a girl, waiting in the dark and fearing what will happen. It’s a story about holding on; to hope, maybe, to one’s sense of self. It’s fantastical, slightly, but that doesn’t mean that everything works out. In all honesty, I don’t quite feel qualified to review this book. But it’s amazing, and it made me question things and it made me cry and it’s a good story so I wanted to give it a signal-boost (as they say). Read this: the writing is sharp, the characters are sharper, and there’s a mysterious fish-child onboard the slave ship…

Rating: heart-stompingly good, bring tissues…

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A Smugglerific Cover: The Life and Times of Angel Evans by Meredith Debonnaire — The Book Smugglers

It has arrived! Behold, the beautiful cover of The Life and Times of Angel Evans. Isn’t the art incredible? I know I love it. You can buy the ebook today, or wait until it’s available for free on the BookSmugglers website (which will be on the 13th Sept). I hope you enjoy this short story – in case you’re wondering it involves a) a heroine b) a friendly poltergeist c) some dead prophets d) MAGIC!

In which we reveal the cover for The Life and Times of Angel Evans by Meredith Debonnaire! Today we are thrilled to share with you the final cover for Book Smugglers Publishing’s Superhero season of short stories. Without further ado, BEHOLD! The smugglerific cover! About the Story Doctor Who meets Good Omens in this new…

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Kid Dark Against The Machine by Tansy Rayner Roberts — The Book Smugglers

I’ve only just had time to read this, and what a read! Set in the same world as Cookie Cutter Superhero (also a fantastic read) this story blew me away. Funny and touching by turns, it’s a lovely exploration of sidekicks and heroes. Definitely worth your time, especially if you’ve ever wondered about what happens to the ridiculously young superhero sidekicks.

Kid Dark Against The Machine by Tansy Rayner RobertsPublished 06/14/2016 | 10,331 Words From the award-winning author of Cookie Cutter Superhero comes a brand new story about sidekicks, supervillains and saving the world Back when he was called something else, Griff knew everything about superheroes, sidekicks and the mysterious machine responsible for creating them. Now,…

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The Indigo Mantis by E. Catherine Tobler — The Book Smugglers

This is the first story in the Summer 2016 Superhero theme from the BookSmugglers (which, full disclosure, I have a story in), and I have to say that it is fantastic! A very original piece of work that made me laugh more than once, and a wonderful riff on the detective genre. I’ve never before felt quite so emotionally invested in the wellbeing of a bug. You can read it for free, so do go ahead and check it out – the link is below.

The Indigo Mantis by E. Catherine ToblerPublished 05/24/2016 | 5,726 Words A crime-fighting praying mantis avenges her father’s murder in E. Catherine Tobler’s The Indigo Mantis Since witnessing her father’s murder, revenge has been on Indi’s mind. A mantid with a vendetta, Indi has searched her tree high and low for the murderer. In the…

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Nightfall: an original comic

This is a very short comic strip that I wrote some weeks ago. It is currently titled Nightfall (I am dreadful at titling, so if anyone thinks this is an awful title do let me know). The images should enlarge once clicked on. Should…

Apologies for the scrappiness of quality-this is not a media that I usually work with. Comments and constructive criticisms welcomed. Enjoy! Copyright Meredith Debonnaire 2013.

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