Death of a laptop

So, my laptop has decided that now is the perfect time to die a terrible (and slow, gasping, sort-of melodramatic) death. This is, as you can imagine, making internet access a bit tricky. I’m scheduling things and adding things whenever I can, but until I get a new one it’s all going to be a bit random as somedays my laptop can handle the internet, and somedays it cannot. I’m hoping to get this sorted by the end of August, so please bear with me.

Thus endeth the announcement 🙂


The Grand Return, plus sketchdump

Hello! Today was going to be my day of coming back after being ill, chatting about the upcoming reviews and books I’ve been reading and stuff I’ve been writing and books that I’m looking forward to reading.

Instead, everything is insane.

So, I give to you this sketchdump of foolish fantasy stuff that I did while hanging out at my friends’ house being not-quite-ill anymore. Enjoy it, have a giggle, don’t take it too seriously. Maybe it will cheer you up a bit. Click on the images to view them big. The normal reviewing stuff will be back shortly.



Hello! I have been away and also been ill, so I’m unlikely to get any reviews up this week. I have read an ENORMOUS amount of wonderful books though, so I promise I have lots I want to tell you all about. Lots and lots of books 🙂 steampunk American civil war, dragon-people, future-primitive fantasy queens, Austen-esque dragons, faeries, sci-fi, water-circuses, VE Schwab, and some amazing fiction YA. At least some of that will go up here.

In the meantime, I throw at you this wonderfully ridiculous song that has been stuck in my head all damn week. It’s going to be stuck in YOUR head now! Hah!


Gablarghleurgh AKA tis the season of tax return

It’s nearly April! You know what that means for all us self-employed? Tax Returns. Oh joy. Oh rapture.

I’ve just started slogging through my accounts. This is me about now (with a bit less stubble).

One day, one day I will have money and I will pay someone else to do this for me!!!!!!! Until then, I will continue to lock myself away, yell at paper, cry, attempt maths, and prove my adulthood by not just burning all of it and pretending it never happened…

More reviews on their way!


I have too many nerdy t-shirts(?)

I was attempting to clear out some of my stuff the other day, and realised that I own faaaaar too many nerd t-shirts. So, logically, I laid them all out on my bed to compare them. I thought that there would be some obviously less-awesome t-shirts, and that I could then bundle some of them off to a charity shop. What actually happened was that I decided all my t-shirts are AWESOME and I should get MORE!

So, in conclusion: there is no such thing as too many nerdy t-shirts 😀

(This is actually not all of them – I found some more hiding in my pyjama draw)


Moving Hell

ERGH! I’ve just moved house and have no internet at the moment. So you know, the reviews are all backed up. Currently I am drowning in a sea of boxes that contain all my worldly possessions. If I never return, look for me somewhere between the box marked ‘Fragile’ and the box marked ‘Comics’. I may even still be there. I swear that the amount of boxes I have is distorting the space around them, and there is some kind of space-warp going on that means however many I unpack, more appear…


Surprisingly exciting update


I have been super duper busy and not actually writing this blog at all. Here’s a little update of what I’m up to and what I’m working on.

Published! (sort of). I have mentioned Stroud Short Stories before – it’s a local event where writers read their short stories. I’ve been in it twice. Recently, they put together an anthology. It’s a self-publishing deal that’s likely to only sell locally, and us authors are not actually being paid (although we do retain all copyright etc). However, it’s still pretty exciting to be in print! Actual real print! *Does a little dance* I have two short stories in there, and I’ve been flicking through and reading the others. A real mix, but lots of fun. More about Stroud Short Stories here.

SSS front cover by Tom Brown

Look at the gorgeous cover!


Reading. I have just finished Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel by Susanna Clarke, and have started writing a review. I’m very very excited about the BBC adaptation that starts on Sunday. I have also recently read Dreadnought by Cherie Priest, Strata by Terry Pratchett and Once Upon a Time by Marina Warner. Reviews of some or all to follow.

RatQueens volume 2! I got my copy yesterday and read it all. Holy hell it’s hot! Have I mentioned that I love Rat Queens? You should all go out and buy Rat Queens. Review to follow when I’ve calmed down enough to be coherent about this totally awesome series.

Discovered. A brilliant webcomic about macho macho men – I read the entire archive in one sitting and scared my lodger by alternating between cackling like a maniac and quietly crying. It may look as though it is all one offs, but read from the beginning and there is some pretty intense storyline… Check it out here.

Fighting through my proofreading course. Time Time Time, why don’t you love me? Why can’t I fit everything in? Sigh…


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